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India blackout leaves 300 million without power

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Grid failure left more than 300 million people without power in New Delhi and much of northern India for hours on Monday in the worst blackout for more than a decade, highlighting chronic infrastructure woes holding back Asia's third-largest economy.

The lights in Delhi and seven states went out in the early hours, leaving the capital's workers sweltering overnight and then stranded at metro stations in the morning rush hour as trains were cancelled.

Electricity supplies were restored to Delhi and much of Uttar Pradesh, a state with more people than Brazil, by midday (0630 GMT). But the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir were still without full power in the early evening.

Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said all power would be restored within hours.

Power shortages and a creaky road and rail network have weighed heavily on the country's efforts to industrialize. Grappling with the slowest economic growth in nine years, Delhi recently scaled back a target to pump $1 trillion into infrastructure over the next five years.

Major industries have dedicated power plants or large diesel generators and are shielded from outages -- but the inconsistent supply affects investment and disrupts small businesses. Office blocks, hotels and large apartment buildings all use backup diesel generators.

Chaos reigned on Delhi's always-hectic roads on Monday as stop lights failed and thousands of commuters abandoned the metro. Water pumping stations ran dry.

"First, no power since 2 in the morning, then no water to take a shower and now the metro is delayed by 13 minutes after being stuck in traffic for half an hour," said 32-year-old Keshav Shah, who works 30 km outside the capital.

"As if I wasn't dreading Monday enough, this had to happen."

The government's top economic planning adviser, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, said the blackout may have been caused by a mix of coal shortages and other problems on the grid.

"I've no doubt that this is the area that we need to show improved performance in, and we also need show a clear sense of what we are doing to prevent it," Ahluwalia told Reuters at his office, where power had been restored some hours earlier.


He said the grid was better networked now than five years ago and power sharing was more common.

But blackouts lasting up to eight hours a day are frequent in much of the country and have sparked angry protests on the industrial fringes of Delhi this summer, the hottest in years.

At least 200 trains were cancelled with some stranded. Authorities made restoring services to hospitals and transport systems a priority.

Shinde blamed the outage on an incident near Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal, without giving details. He said repairs were being carried out fast compared to a similar grid outage in the United States four years ago.

"In 2008, there was a power failure in the USA. Their Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asked India for assistance and it took four days to restore the power," he told reporters.

India suffers a peak hour power deficit of about 10 percent. It has been made worse this year by a weak monsoon, driving demand from farmers pumping more water from wells.

The outage forced the shutdown of a nuclear power plant at Rawatbhata in the desert state of Rajasthan. It will take about 48 hours to restart. Hydroelectric plants in the Himalayas and thermal power stations in the wheat belt of Punjab and Haryana were slowly returning to normal.

India has the world's fifth-largest coal reserves and relies on it for two-thirds of its power generation. Wrangles over land and environmental clearances and failure to invest in new mines and technology have held back coal output as demand rises.

Officials at Delhi's international airport said flights were unaffected. Delhi's private power company, BSES, said northern India last not suffered such a major outage since 2001.

"This kind of breakdown shows that the system needs some big overhaul to increase credibility and increase the confidence in the system of India," said Jagannadhan Thunuguntla, equity head at Delhi-based brokerage SMC Capital.

"More homework needs to be done."

(Additional reporting by Sanjeev Choudhary, Ketan Bondre, Anurag Kotoky, Rajesh Kumar, Nidhi Verma, Matthias Williams, Sharat Pradhan and Nandita Bose; Writing by Frank Jack Daniel; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/india-blackout-leaves-300-million-without-power-104412167.html

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Why Humility Is Not a Weakness in Business

by Charlotte L. Hanna CMO/Director of PMR/CMBS Global

How do you tell your market that you are the best ? that you offer outstanding products and services and are the answer to their needs ? without appearing arrogant? Why is humility strength, not a weakness, when you?ve heard that ?bold is gold??

In business, we have all been told how necessary it is to be bold, to find a way to stand out in our market and shine?and rightly so. But consider the 10-carat diamond that screams under the jewelry case spot light, demanding attention, versus the lovely little light-catcher that sparkles with an unmistakable, yet authentic fire ? even in the average light of any given day. Often, the bigger the rock, the easier it is to question whether (or not) it is actually genuine. However, the authenticity of the smaller gem usually goes unquestioned.

I once purchased a ring that screamed to me from the jewelry showcase of a large retailer ? only to step outside into the direct light of day and see no sparkle, only the flaws in the stone. I turned right around and went back inside for a refund. I later purchased a smaller setting from a jeweler with whom my husband had a satisfying experience and though not flawless, it sparkles and captures the attention of all who see it?the results are authentically consistent.

Success in business is dependent upon great relationships and strong relationships are built on trust?the kind that comes from being real and consistently genuine.

Leslie Vernick is an author and speaker who understands the value of relationships. ?One of the reason?s?I?m so passionate about helping people in difficult and destructive relationships is because I know what it feels like to be in one,? says Leslie. As a national and international speaker, author, licensed clinical social worker, consultant and relationship coach with an expertise on the subjects of personal and spiritual growth, marriage improvement, conflict resolution, depression, child abuse, destructive relationships and domestic violence, one of Leslie?s most powerful messages is The Hidden Power of Humility.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, getting out of your comfort zone should never cause you to be anything less than authentic. Be confident without embellishing. Be honest without fear of losing a sale or a client. Because, the truth is that as humans ? we all have very real faults AND we all have areas in which we shine authentically! To conduct yourself with humility is never a weakness ? rather it is the consistent, unmistakable sparkle that captures the attention of the business market.

Humility is strong ? not bold; quiet ? not speechless;
sure ? not arrogant. ~ Estelle Smith

Source: http://cmbsglobal.com/why-humility-is-not-a-weakness-in-business/

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Advertisers Embrace 'Rich Media' Format

From advertisements that dance or sing to MTV-like commercials, on the internet advertisers are now utilizing a new sort of technology known as ?rich media? to attract shoppers.

U.S. Web marketing revenue will have reached about $12 billion last year, up $3 billion from 2004. Of this, advertisers spent about $1 billion on wealthy media, up from $800 million in 2003, in accordance with the Interactive Marketing Bureau.

So what precisely is wealthy media By definition, it truly is an online marketing technique that combines graphics with audio technologies, giving Internet users an interactive expertise.

And with greater than half of American households connected on-line and utilizing high-speed connections like broadband and DSL, it implies a potentially profitable way for online advertisers to obtain consumers? consideration.

One organization taking on-line advertising to a diverse level is Centale Inc. (OTCBB: CNTL), based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The on the web advertising and marketing and technologies firm offers cutting-edge technologies options to its clientele.

Centale?s premier application, the Catalyst EV, is really a software program platform that permits firms to communicate straight to the desktop of their audience in wealthy media format.

The software program also functions independent of e-mail. To date, research have shown that e-mail campaigns might be decreasing in effectiveness because because the level of e-mail increases, the likelihood of achievement with the solicitation or advertisement tends to lower.

One cause that advertisers are embracing wealthy media is that it generally entertains and is compelling sufficient to capture the interest of consumers. It also enables an user a modicum of control by either stopping the ad completely, or participating in it and clicking by way of to an advertiser?s Net internet site to obtain far more information.

Even though rich media may not endear marketing to online shoppers, most users are discovering it much less intrusive than classic pop-up, banner and text-based ads. Centale says there?s a favorable marketplace for its product, because the sector shifts away from conventional advertising such as print and radio in favor of on-line marketing.

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Source: http://www.articledumpster.com/advertisers-embrace-rich-media-format/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=advertisers-embrace-rich-media-format

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep Foods Out of Bacteria: Use Refrigerators

Recently, many people are alarm with an increasing number of children getting sick throughout the world because of unidentified virus. Thus, many persons are showing concern about making precautionary measures to avoid acquiring any kind of this illness.

Most health departments' advice people not to panic however, they promote to have proper ways of storing and preparing foods to prevent bacteria to spread. One way to store foods is by using containers and refrigerators. Instead of keeping foods in disposable and non-biodegradable plastics, everyone must find a good place to store their food supplies.

How to Use Refrigerators Effectively

Since this kind of appliance is capable of preserving foods for months. People will not worry about their purchase products such as eggs, vegetables, milks as well as meats that can easily be damage if not freeze in a temperature below 28? F.

Organize Foods in Hoover Fridge or Blomberg Fridge

Whenever you have leftovers during your dinner, you can still eat it the next day if you can store it properly. Use food storage containers to keep your foods then put it inside your refrigerators. You need to organize the items that you will put inside the fridge. This means you need to separate the meats, eggs and vegetables and put it in a particular area. This is for you to avoid getting the foods in and out every time you search for an item.

There are different fridge out in the market in different sizes like Hoover and Blomberg. It is important that you can maintain the cleanliness of the fridge so there will be no doubt that you can store your products for a longer time.

Avoiding Bacteria on Food

Refrigeration is essential to keep foods away from pathogenic bacteria that affecting the foods. Various food items needs to be stored in a cool place to be freeze. This will prevent the bacteria to multiply and spread through other foods. There are studies prove that microorganisms such as bacteria grow rapidly in a warm temperature. Therefore, if you can put all your items inside the fridge you will be sure that the foods that you will eat are free of bacteria.

Storing the foods properly in a container and a fridge can solve this problem easily. Moreover, you will save more many if you can have this appliance for your own house. One must remember that prevention is always better than the cure. Do not wait that something bad will happen to you because you ignore having this kind of method. If you can secure the safety of your foods from storing until you prepare it you can surely be away of any illnesses that may occur in the future.

Euronics offers you the best of all experience upon using their appliances. Choose from the available refrigerators like Hoover Fridge and Blomberg Fridge to store your food items at home.If you want to know more about Blomberg Fridge click here, .

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If you email us or use our problem submission form, we CANNOT guarantee we'll receive your notice!

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Accountant needed for company accounts, bookkeeping, payroll ...

We have two companies (one limited company and one trading as a sole trader). Both are within the property sector. We are seeking initially tax advise about our companies and about ways to minimise and reduce our tax liabilities.

You will also be setting up and maintaining our payroll. From an accounting perspective, you will show us how to carry out data entry on to the Kashflow software (similar to Sage Line 50). This could be done remotely if need be. You can then log-in monthly (or quarterly) to ensure everything looks in order.

We are expecting you to also produce final year accounts.

The tax efficiency part is very important to us, so you must have a decent level of experience in this part of the exercise.

There are no clarification questions.

Source: http://www.peopleperhour.com/job/Accountant-needed-for-company-accounts,-bookkeeping,-payroll-159615

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Northern Virginia Energy Bills This Summer ...

This summer has seen record-breaking heat across the nation. Keeping your Northern Virginia home cool during heat waves uses lots of energy. Even if you don?t live someplace where the temperature reaches triple digits, it?s easy to increase your utility costs by using too much energy during the summer. You?wouldn?t?leave the door wide open in January for the same reason you shouldn?t do it in July- it wastes energy and money. Implementing these five changes around your home will make it more energy efficient and keep you cool for less.

5 ways to save energy & money on electricity bills

Block Direct Sunlight

Sunlight streaming through your windows acts like an invisible heater. The more heat inside your home, the more energy your air conditioner has to use to keep it cool. Install high-quality, opaque window?blinds. By keeping them closed during the day, you?ll prevent sunlight from heating up your home. At night, if the temperature drops low enough, you can open the blinds and windows at night to let cool air circulate. Be sure to close them again by early morning, before it gets hot and sunny.

Seal Up the Leaks

Drafty doorways and older?windows?in Northern Virginia?let the cool air inside escape and hot air sneak in. More hot air forces your air conditioner to increase output, boosting your energy bills. Place weather strips around your windows and doors to keep the cool air inside.

Address any minor holes or gaps that open your home to the outside with caulk. Energy bleeds from small openings can add up quickly! If your windows are especially drafty, try taping weather film over all your window frames. The film acts like a virtual seal that prevents cool air from escaping and keeps hot air from entering.

Optimize Your Fans

When used incorrectly, a fan can actually draw hot air inside your home. How you?use your fans?determines whether you reduce or increase your energy use during the summer. If you don?t have central air, or want to rely less on air conditioning place the fan in your open window at night and close your windows in the morning. This traps the cool air inside your house and reduces the need for air conditioning.

If you run fans during the daytime you should blow air outside, otherwise they?re just blowing hot air into your house and raising the overall temperature. Kitchen and bathroom fans reduce the cool air, so don?t run them unless absolutely necessary.

Make Shade

The shade can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the sun, so why not take advantage and make more of it Install awnings over your windows. Keeping your windows shaded can reduce your energy up to 5 percent. Plant heavy bushes or shrubs near the sunniest parts of your home where the sun is strongest. Place any window air conditioning units in shady spots. A unit broiling under the sun needs more energy to produce cool air.

Eliminate Wasteful Energy Use

Electrical appliances continue using energy even when powered off so use your appliances efficiently. Unplug microwaves, lamps, computers, and other like devices when they are not in use.?Program your thermostat?with different settings for home, asleep, or away.

Set the washing machine to ?cold rinse? and line dry your clothing. Just those two laundry-related steps can save you 10 percent on your total energy use. Keep your refrigerator and freezer full for the most efficient operation and stop using a second garage or basement fridge.

Hopefully by implementing a few of these simple tips you can save big this summer!

Source: http://www.professionalremodelinggroup.com/blog/reduce-energy-bills/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=reduce-energy-bills

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Queen tours Olympic Park after debut as Bond Girl

LONDON (AP) ? Fresh from her star turn as the latest Bond Girl, Queen Elizabeth II returned to Olympic Park for an encore Saturday, while the usually biting British press gave a resounding review: We are amused.

The queen visited with fawning British Olympians in the athletes village and rode to the top of the 377-foot (115-meter) Orbit tower beside the stadium, where on Friday night she officially opened the 2012 Games. Her husband, Prince Philip, and London Mayor Boris Johnson accompanied her.

Dressed in a royal blue silk dress, crepe coat and matching hat, the queen could be heard remarking at the views of the London skyline and countryside. She wore a brooch given to her in 1948 ? the last time London hosted the Olympics and four years before her accession to the throne.

In describing her role in the opening ceremony, created by director Danny Boyle, Johnson said the queen had told him she was "very, very impressed with the success of her first film appearance, her first dramatic venture. It was very funny and seems to have gone down particularly well with the international audiences."

And, it seems, with the British media.

The Guardian called the queen's appearance "one of the highlights of Danny Boyle's tumultuously inventive opening ceremony of the 2012 Games. ... Now, thanks to Boyle, we really have seen everything."

"I was worried that there was too much self-parody, that the world might be laughing at us," wrote columnist Giles Coren in The Times of London. "But they were laughing with us. They were silently awed."

The show-stopping moment featured the queen making her acting debut alongside Daniel Craig, who portrayed James Bond in a film beamed into the stadium.

Boyle's production showed Bond striding into Buckingham Palace to escort his VIP guest to the Olympic ceremony. Many had expected a famous actress to play the role of the queen, and there was an audible gasped as the real-life royal was seen to swivel round in her desk chair and declare: "Good evening, Mr. Bond."

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the 86-year-old monarch agreed last year to participate. The filming took place at the palace in March and April and featured two of the queen's corgi dogs: Monty and Holly.

At the end of the film segment, two stuntmen dressed as Bond and the queen parachuted from a helicopter into the stadium, and moments later Elizabeth and Philip emerged in the stands.

Boyle told NBC television that the queen had been a natural. "You don't have to tell her something twice," he said. "She picks it up straight away, about cameras and angles."

The sequence has already provided the defying images of the games, according to the Daily Telegraph in Australia, where the queen also reigns.

"A few hundred years ago director Danny Boyle could have been sent to the Tower for even suggesting such treason," the Sydney newspaper said. "But as if to show how far England and the monarchy have come in that time, Her Majesty not only let Boyle get away with it. She was actually in on the joke."

The German newspaper Die Welt wrote that "often seen as reserved and unapproachable, the queen changed all that alongside James Bond."

The queen offered more surprises Saturday as she met about 150 members of the British Olympic team. Spectators took in the scene from balconies draped in Union Jack flags.

"For her to come through and meet the athletes, and see where we're living, it was amazing," said Rose Anderson, 24, a member of the women's basketball team.

"She went inside one of the athletes' bedrooms and chatted to us. It was just awesome, especially after last night," she said. "Last night will never be topped. I'll never get an experience like that again, and then this will never be topped either."

The queen also met athletes from other nations in the dining hall.

"She's beautiful," said Jess Fox, who competes for Australia in the canoe slalom. "We saw her from afar last night in the stadium, but it was amazing to see her like this."


Rob Harris in London contributed to this report.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/queen-tours-olympic-park-debut-bond-girl-113114831--oly.html

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CyanogenMod 10 preview build now available for Verizon?s Galaxy Nexus

CyanogenMod 10 preview build now available for Verizon?s Galaxy Nexus

CyanogenMod 10 preview build now available for Verizon's Galaxy Nexus

We know it didn?t take much time for the Tenth iteration of that CM greatness to reach Google?s popular Nexus 7 and Samsung?s most colossal Galaxy handset on the block, but one other Android big shot was still yet to join the ?preview build? bash. The marvelous news is Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners can now also take part in the early adoption process, as CyanogenMod?s Brint Kriebel has said via Mountain View?s social network that CM10 for Big Red?s GNex is out and up for grabs. That said, he?s let it be known the goods aren?t exactly fully baked, though he has been rockin? it as his ?daily driver? for about two weeks ? which, needless to say, is quite a good sign. Those interested in going a step further can hit up bekit?s Google+ page, where you?ll find the rest of the underlying details.

Filed under: Cellphones, Software

CyanogenMod 10 preview build now available for Verizon?s Galaxy Nexus originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 29 Jul 2012 07:37:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Permalink?Droid Life ?|? sourceBrint Kriebel (Google+) ?|?Email this?|?Comments


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Move Over, Pebble: MetaWatch?s New ?Strata? Aims To Make A Splash On Kickstarter Too

strata2Sure, the Pebble has nabbed its share of headlines and accolades lately, but that doesn't mean it's got the nascent smart watch market all sewed up. Case in point: veteran MetaWatch recently pulled back the curtains on its new Strata smart watch, and it's already picking up plenty of steam on (where else?) Kickstarter. Unlike some of the other smartwatch concepts that have been dreamed up in recent months, the Strata is the brainchild of a known quantity. MetaWatch has been tackling the problem of putting topical information on people's wrists for nearly eight years now -- the company's roots lay with the clothing and accessory mavens at Fossil, which produced a pair of fashion-conscious smart timepieces in May 2011 before the team split off and formed their own company that August.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/NVfM8t8XERk/

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A very British start to the Games

LONDON ? The Queen made her acting debut (in a James Bond scene, no less), Mary Poppins outdueled Lord Voldemort?s evil magic, the flame was lit in truly unique fashion ? by seven unknowns, no less ? and the 2012 Olympic Games were open.

Even the rain stayed away except for the briefest of showers as London, the first city to host an Olympics on three occasions, set off 17 days of sporting celebration Friday on what can only be described as a resounding victory.? It wasn't Beijing and it didn't try to be. Four yours ago we saw one of history's biggest displays of national pride, but London beat its own chest in a more pleasantly understated way. (Reuters)(Reuters)

There was a peculiar sweetness about being a British person in this place and on this night. The United Kingdom can no longer fool itself that it is not one of the world's most important nations but could take comfort in still being able to welcome the world to its doorstep and put on one heck of a show in the process.

Producer Danny Boyle, he of "Slumdog Millionaire" directorial fame, pieced together a lavish, epic and masterful show that blended humor with history, music with majesty, and was met with almost universal approval. Boyle wanted to portray a graceful boast, showing off the best of Britain with pride but without a trace of stuffiness or arrogance.

The iconic moment when the cauldron burst into flame may not have been to everyone?s taste ? it was lit by the hands of a group of young athletes nominated by sporting legends rather than a member of athletic royalty ? but if that was the serious stuff, earlier there had been no shortage of fun. That said, of everything that happened in Stratford on this evening, the sight of Bond actor Daniel Craig and his sketch and then fake parachute jump from a helicopter with the Queen took some beating.

[ Photos: Best and worst country uniforms ]

But there were touching moments. A montage honored the deceased who could not be at the Olympic Stadium on its big opening night but, lamentably, it did not recognize the victims of Munich in 1972.

Nevertheless, Britain got its pride back here ? and how. A perishing economy has hurt the lives and pockets of millions in the U.K., but you wouldn't have thought so at this party and, once again, it was OK to be proud to be British.

"We have hosted the Games three times and each time the world has faced turbulence and trouble," London Olympics chief Lord Sebastian Coe said. "Each time we have come through."

[ Related: Michelle Obama meets Team USA ]

It was one of those moments when a lump in your throat sets in and you don?t quite know why. There was just something in the air, some kind of magic, something very real and perfect and tasteful.

The athletes also felt it. Brazil set a lovely tone by displaying flags that carried its own emblem on one side and the United Kingdom's on the other. The Czech Republic wielded umbrellas just as the skies cleared, once and for all. Usain Bolt pointed his index finger and repeated "number one" as he carried the Jamaican flag, a reminder, if one was needed, that the Olympics are about excellence as well as sentiment. Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant was content to soak up the atmosphere in the middle of the huge pack of American athletes as they formed one of the last teams around the track.

Once the teams had filed into place, the usual course of speeches followed and the lighting of the cauldron was completed, one last blast from Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney set the event into motion and it was time for competition to begin.

But the first, and perhaps biggest success of all, goes to a host nation that has gotten off to a perfect start. If the Games are to continue as they began, then the world is in for a wondrous treat.

More Olympic coverage on the Yahoo! Sports network:
? Video: Summer Sanders on Olympic swimsuits
? Fans have impromptu Opening Ceremony sing-a-long
? Phelps turns tables on childhood bullies

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/olympics--danny-boyle-s-opening-ceremony-starts-london-games-in-the-most-perfect--and-most-british--way.html

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You Can Pack a Long Weekend's Worth Of Clothing Into This Puffy Vest [Clothing]

If the thought of ever checking and leaving your suitcase in the hands airport handlers terrifies you, you'll love this sleeveless jacket that doubles as carry-on luggage you can actually wear. The Stuffa Jacket was created by Sandro Cafasso and is filled to the brim with elastic pockets that can carry all the clothing you'll need for a long weekend excursion. More »

Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/7AMXbjfK1zk/you-can-pack-a-long-weekends-worth-of-clothing-into-this-puffy-vest

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Friday, July 27, 2012

China struggles to present Bo case despite murder charge

CHONGQING, China (Reuters) - China's leadership faced continued resistance on Friday in its efforts to hand down final judgment against deposed politician Bo Xilai, despite moving swiftly to wrap up a murder charge against his wife who now risks the death penalty.

Bo Xilai, once a contender for the top rungs of power, and his wife have been disgraced in the nation's biggest political scandal in two decades, which centers on the murder in China of a British businessman who had been a close family friend.

Bo has not been implicated in the murder but has been accused of breaching internal party discipline, sometimes code for corruption.

On Thursday, China charged Bo's glamorous wife, Gu Kailai, with poisoning expatriate Neil Heywood last year in a proceeding that lawyers expect to end swiftly with a conviction and lead to a life sentence or possibly her execution by lethal injection. A lawyer employed by Gu's family has said the trial will likely start early next month.

However, shutting the door on the political case against Bo, who still faces party disciplinary proceedings, could prove to be much more difficult, given the former party boss of Chongqing city retains some strong support at the party's grass roots.

Despite months of unanswered allegations against the Bo family from police and party sources, Bo's leftist supporters are uncowed and see the case as political revenge, said Zhang Hongliang, an influential far-left intellectual in Beijing.

"You ask why do so many Chinese leftists welcomed the policies Bo Xilai implemented in Chongqing. It's simple: because those policies were welcomed by the vast majority of ordinary people," Zhang said in an email exchange this week.

"Whatever personal problems Bo Xilai might have, that's a completely different matter than his policies in Chongqing," he said in comments emailed a day before Gu's indictment.

In Chongqing on Friday, a sprawling metropolis of around 30 million people where Bo cast himself as a populist dedicated to fighting crime and helping the poor, vocal support was still easy to find despite his removal from all party posts in April.

All of Chongqing's newspapers carried the official announcement of Gu's murder indictment on their front pages, and one newspaper hawker said many residents were disbelieving.

"I can tell you that 100 percent of ordinary people or at least 95 percent, support Bo Xilai," said the hawker, who asked only to be cited by his surname, Zhao, "so I can speak my mind."

"He did many good things for people in Chongqing and gave us a sense of safety," said Zhao, who added that he and his friends were skeptical about the charges brought against Gu.


The case against Bo is troubling for Beijing because it has opened ideological fissures in the party, with Bo drawing support from the left-wing for his efforts in Chongqing to narrow the yawning division between China's poor and well-off.

It also comes at a time when Beijing is struggling to pull off a once-in-a-decade leadership transition -- a process that at one time seemed likely to elevate Bo, possibly as far as the innermost core of power -- the Politburo Standing Committee.

In his ambitious campaign for elevation, Bo sought to revive the era of Mao Zedong, encouraging "red" choirs and launching an anti-crime crackdown whose sometimes brutal effectiveness reminded critics of earlier, Maoist mobilizations.

Wang Zhengxu, a senior research fellow at University of Nottingham's School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, believes Beijing will take its time with the Bo case and could hold it over until after the new leadership is unveiled at the party's 18th national congress, to be held later this year.

"I don't think they will have a formal conclusion for Bo Xilai before the party congress," he said, adding that he did not believe the case would affect the congress at all.

"Maybe they will have an announcement that Bo will be removed from the party, but I think formal charges, including legal charges, will come much later."

Both Bo and Gu have been in detention since Beijing first announced the murder allegation against Gu and the unspecified "disciplinary violations" against Bo in April. At the time, Bo was stripped of all party positions. Neither he nor his wife have been able to publicly comment on the allegations.

Gu and a family aide, Zhang Xiaojun, have been charged with poisoning Heywood, with the official Xinhua news agency saying Gu had killed because she believed Heywood was threatening her son, Bo Guagua, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard universities.

Gu's trial is likely to start on August 7 or 8 in Hefei, a city in eastern China, far from Chongqing -- a decision in keeping with a tradition of holding sensitive politically charged trials in a different judicial region.

In a further wrinkle, Shen Zhigeng, a lawyer who had been employed by Gu's family, told Reuters that he was not her defense attorney.

"She will be represented by another lawyer recommended by the local lawyer's association," he added. He declined to explain why Gu did not use him as her lawyer.

However, the trial is likely to attract an international spotlight like few others, because the murder victim and a key witness are both Westerners. French witness Patrick Henri Devillers, 52, another former friend of the Bo family, recently flew to China from his home in Cambodia to help investigators.

A British embassy spokesman said diplomats had requested access to the trial and were awaiting a decision.

The French embassy could not immediately be reached for comment.

China's party-run judiciary is almost certain to convict Gu and Zhang over the murder in a hearing closed to the public, though it was unclear if Beijing would make some effort to make these proceedings more accessible than normal.

To some of Bo's supporters in Chongqing, though, the trial is a sideshow to the main battle over Bo's political legacy.

"We all love Bo Xilai. We feel that it's about a political struggle," said Yu Kun, a billboard advertising salesman in his early 30s as he pointed to an unfinished, ultra-modern opera house and science museum on the other side of the mud-brown Yangtze River as evidence of Bo's ability and swollen ambitions.

(Additional reporting by Lucy Hornby, Ben Blanchard, Michael Martina Sui-Lee Wee; Writing by Mark Bendeich; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/china-struggles-present-bo-case-despite-murder-charge-090146970.html

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In Defense (More Or Less) Of a Banned Triple-Jumper (Powerlineblog)

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Source: http://news.feedzilla.com/en_us/stories/politics/top-stories/238377720?client_source=feed&format=rss

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

SharePoint Marriage Guidance - SharePoint Expert Blog

SharePoint Expert Blog

By Ant Clay, Founder, CEO & Tummeler at Soulsailor Consulting Ltd

July 25, 2012 - 12:22 PM


I normally talk about SharePoint project success in terms of ?SharePoint Celery?, where I see the negative calorific value of eating a stick of celery analogous to the lack of positive ROI in most SharePoint projects. For one day (blog post) only I want to switch analogies if I may.

Let us think of a SharePoint implementation in terms of a relationship and these four key stages:

????????? Flirting

????????? The Proposal

????????? Wedding Planning

????????? The Big Day

????????? Happily Ever After.

What I hope to reveal within this blog post is that in traditional SharePoint implementations (and probably a lot of weddings and relationships) we?are not focussing enough time and attention?on the right phases, which is why we don?t always get the outcomes we would wish for.

Flirting (Vision & the Why)

There may be days, weeks, months or even years to get to the point of being ready to ?propose? marriage or in fact the use of SharePoint to solve a business problem. But in both life and SharePoint contexts, this period is important, really important in fact! It?s this ?phase? where you decide the ?Why??, the reason for proceeding with the relationship and where we should be assessing the difference this project or marriage is going to make and whether it is really worth it.

Some marriages happen for no really good (long term) reason at all (no clear ?Why?? or benefit); most SharePoint projects unfortunately fit into the same category. I am sure most of us have at some time said of friends, celebrities or work colleagues ?why are they getting married? They have nothing in common, what will they get from it??

I see this as clearly analogous to not identifying a clear ?Why?? and not identifying the difference your project is going to make to those involved (the business or marriage stakeholders). There needs to be a very clear shared understanding and shared commitment required for a SharePoint project or a marriage to?really work long term.

We often see organisations implementing SharePoint ?just because? someone senior thinks it?s the right thing to do, or driven by the IT team because they have the technology so why not, and it is these scenarios that more often than not end in failure, disappointed users and worst of all, wasted resource (time, money and opportunity). Rather than deciding on a whim to deliver SharePoint (or get hitched), we should consider carefully the longer term and not rush. We should ensure we have a clear vision and understand the difference this is going to make to our business or lives.

A great way of achieving this is to use workshop techniques such as ?Remember the Future? or ?Cover Story?, which we at Soulsailor Consulting Ltd can help facilitate.

The Proposal (Business Case and Approval)

Marriage and relationships (we hope) are for the long haul, just like our SharePoint projects; but there are still a couple of pivotal points in time that we need to consider to make things work.

The first of these is the ?proposal? that point in time when you get down on bended knee in front of the board and ask for approval and funding of your project.

Let?s face it, no matter how clear and confident and sure of a future together we are (SharePoint or your partner), sometimes the planets don?t align and they say ?NO!? ? it may be because they don?t have the same shared understanding and commitment as you, it may be the timings not right, or it may be just that you (or your project) is just not attractive enough and the board (your partner) never really fancied you anyway!

Whatever the reason, the cause and effect is the same? there is no project or relationship to work on... This is a very sad place to be.

I hope it goes without saying that doing a project without approval is never going to end well, or even start at all; but it amazes me how many projects and specifically SharePoint ones start without ?consent?, without a thought of Return on Investment (ROI) and without a business case and approval. If the organisation doesn?t share your passion, your understanding and commitment to the delivery of this ?value?, then how will you deliver it?

It?s also worth considering at this point ?tradition? ? certainly in the UK we typically ask for permission from our future long term partners ?father? before ?popping the question?; in the SharePoint context however, we shouldn?t just rely on the permission of one stakeholder, for organisational change (and in my opinion?all?SharePoint projects have some change element) or our relationships having the support of senior stakeholders/parent/friends is a significant aid to the process and delivery of long-term value and happiness.

Wedding Planning (SharePoint Project)

So we have approval for our project or to get married to the person of our dreams, we?ve probably set a date for the go-live launch / wedding day, so now what happens?

????????? In SharePoint you create a project team with a project plan

????????? In marriage you may appoint an external wedding planner, or perhaps the ?brides? family will do the organising?

Either way what we have is a project of some kind and a project manager (mother of the bride, wedding planner, bride?s best friend etc.) who is going to run around and control the show for the next few months or even a year in order to make the preparations for the big day and the wedding/launch go smoothly?

This feels in most cases as the time in the relationship or SharePoint project where most emphasis, time and effort are spent.

Are you with me so far?

Does this sound like where we spend most of our time implementing SharePoint?

Great, so what happens next? You spend lots of time and money and have lots of stress and challenges dealing with developers, infrastructure, seating plans, flowers, stakeholders and family all to make the big wedding day or SharePoint solution launch awesome and perfect.

But think about this situation carefully and ask yourself this:

Is the wedding planning really that important?

Special yes; required yes; but critical to the long term success of the relationship?

Absolutely not!

Likewise, is the SharePoint project plan really that important?

Expected yes; required yes; but critical to the long term success and delivery of value through the SharePoint platform?

Absolutely not!

So why on earth do we focus so much time and effort and attribute so many success factors to everything leading up to the big day?

A little crazy perhaps, but let?s face it that?s what ?we do??

The Big Day (Launch)

Launch day arrives, yay the project is completed, the plan has been completed and deemed a success, business users have given the solution the OK (user acceptance testing etc.), maybe there?s been some end-user training, basically everyone is happy and the solution is purring in the background. Job done?

Back in the wedding, the Bride and Groom got to the church OK, no one raised any objections, the speeches went down a storm and the party is in full flow. What a lovely day...

Then what happens?

Over in the Big Corp the branded mugs and mouse-mats have a spelling mistake, a server goes down and some people are complaining that the functionality isn?t what they expected?

Over at the wedding party the best man just had an argument with the bride?s brother, your Aunty has had a far too much sherry and is dancing on the tables and DJ is playing some really bad tracks...

Do any of these problems that may seem huge and devastating at the time really affect the marriage or the value of the SharePoint solution long term? absolutely not!

Happily Ever After (Continuous Improvement)

I?m hoping that the discussion so far has highlighted that despite approaching SharePoint projects in what seems like a logical fashion, we are still not really being as effective as we could be.

The most important aspect of SharePoint projects is not that project plan that we were led to believe, no it?s the?SharePoint Flirting?(Vision and Why?) and the?Long Term SharePoint Relationship?(On-going ?Change Management) that really makes the difference.

So how do we simulate two partners working together to create a wonderful long term relationship in the context of your SharePoint project?

My view is that they are both pretty similar; in the context of ?life? you have the two partners and their support network of friends, relations and colleagues. In the SharePoint context there are still two main parties that need to be involved

????????? The business users

????????? SharePoint Tummelers.

The support network (for the Tummelers) is provided by the SharePoint Centre of Excellence (C of E) or some other business centric, SharePoint aligned team. A close relationship should be developed and exist between users and Tummelers (who are in effect just a special type of user).

The other aspect that is often missing from SharePoint projects is both any consideration as mentioned before for on-going change management and also continuous improvement.

In the context of a relationship we as humans are constantly evolving, our tastes change, we mature our perspectives change and this is exactly the same as ?SharePoint business users?. So solutions (and people in relationships) need to change and adapt regularly. SharePoint solutions are people solutions, they live in the Complex domain of the Cynefin framework and as such they exhibit emergent behaviours.

We have to continually stay focussed, evolve, test, probe and adapt to the emerging needs of our relationships and also the business problem that our SharePoint solution was implemented to try to solve.


Shot-gun weddings for the most part fail.

Relationships without on-going hard work usually go bad.

IT led SharePoint projects with no business alignment or vision pretty much always fail.

SharePoint projects with no active on-going change management ?wither on the vine? and fail to deliver their business outcomes

You need to treat your SharePoint implementations like a marriage or long-term relationship:

????????? It should be seen as a commitment for the long haul

????????? There?s needs to be a shared understanding and commitment

????????? You have to have equal doses of give and take

????????? It?s hard work, but the benefits are significant

????????? Business and SharePoint projects should never stop evolving.

If this post resonates with you and you need help and support in focussing on the right things, the long term benefits then please feel free to?contact me.

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Source: http://www.aiim.org/community/blogs/expert/SharePoint-Marriage-Guidance

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'The Watch' Cast: Costco Nights And Plenty Of Cheese Balls

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade tell MTV News about an eating contest gone awry.
By Kara Warner

Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Richard Ayoade and Vince Vaughn in "The Watch"
Photo: Fox

Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1690608/the-watch-ben-stiller-vince-vaughn-jonah-hill.jhtml

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Fox Business Interviews FashInvest CEO David Freschman ...

David J. Freschman, a leading voice of emerging business, is one of the most highly regarded and influential venture capitalists in the nation. With over 20 years of expertise in the venture and early stage businesses, David?s work ranges from his head position at Innovation Capital Advisors, LLC., to single handedly guiding 30+ portfolio companies to financial stability and smart investment funding.

Bankrate talked with Freschman about the challenges an entrepreneur faces in today's climate and advice he has for those looking to start their own businesses.

How did you get into the venture capital field?

I grew up in Wilmington, (Del.) which was home to the DuPont Company and all its spinoffs. My father is an immigrant and we owned a little corner grocery, which was tough work. I knew I did not want to do that, but I used to see the thousands of scientists going to work every day in suits and ties. I thought being a chemist was what I wanted to do, as I enjoyed problem-solving. That dream died when I took my second chemistry class! So I became an accountant. I figured it's like being a chemist for business.

I initially was an accountant and CPA for the big-eight firm Arthur Andersen, where I spent half a dozen years in the Philadelphia office. I knew that when I initially started I did not want to audit big companies, so I positioned myself to be recruited directly into what was the Enterprise Group. It was focused on fast growth (and) emerging, privately held businesses. It was there that I caught the "bug" for working with and advising startup companies. In 1995, after founding a consulting group, I was recruited to establish and run the first early stage venture fund in the state of Delaware, a partnership between the private and public sectors. Seventeen years later, I still love what I do.

What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

There are lots of rewards, but I think the most rewarding is working with young companies and young entrepreneurs. ICA is a hands-on fund where we support our companies with our contacts, knowledge and experience and allow management to ultimately run their businesses. Watching the companies succeed with their new ideas and innovations is exciting. What is most gratifying is when you see a product or service in the marketplace and you can say, "I remember that company when ? "

To read this interview in it's entirety visit: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2012/07/10/ceo-tips-for-starting-your-own-company/


Source: http://www.fashinvest.com/fox-business-interviews-fashinvest-ceo-david-freschman/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=fox-business-interviews-fashinvest-ceo-david-freschman

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Income tax bare act as ammended by the finance act, 2012 ...

Hello everyone. I want a soft copy (pdf or word) of Income Tax Act bare act (as ammended by Finance Act, 2012). So I browsed everywhere, but could not find! I have downloaded Companies Act bare act from www.mca.gov.in. But in the Income Tax India website (www.incometaxindia.gov.in), there is no option to download the bare act. One can only browse to different sections in that website. I request you to please help me in this regard. Please provide the link from where I can download the same or you may upload here!?


Please note that I will be really grateful to you if you can help me!

Source: http://www.caclubindia.com/forum/income-tax-bare-act-as-ammended-by-the-finance-act-2012--212285.asp

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nonvoting denebola: News and Society -Crime News Blog: Keeping ...

ByAndrew Keel

Most people tend to think of jail as a place that criminals are put so that society as a whole will be safe. We want to think that every person who is put in the county jail is guilty of some kind of crime. What so many of us lose sight of is that when you have a large number of people living in cramped quarters, there are bound to be problems. Since the average county jail is currently over crowded or near its capacity to house prisoners, more and more concerns about inmate safety are being raised.

One of the reasons that some people are becoming more vocal about the subject of county jail safety is because some of the inmates have serious mental illnesses. Some of the inmates in the county jail could suffer from psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, as well as minor cognitive disabilities. Not only are people concerned about what will happen to the individuals who are suffering from the metal illnesses when they are placed in custody, but there is serious concern about how having these individuals in the jail could compromise the safety other individuals that are in full control of their mental state.

The truth is that in some situations it might actually be better for everyone if individuals who are struggling with illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar to be placed in a state prison that has better funding resources and adequately trained professionals. The average county jail simply doesn't have the space or the man power to give these inmates the care and attention that they need. The larger prisons have psychologists who can regularly see the prisoners and gauge their state of mind. There will also be guards who are going to be specifically educated to keep an eye on the prisoners and proactively handle situations before they have a chance to get out of hand.

If someone you know has a mental illness and has recently been incarcerated in the county jail, it is going to be up to you to keep an eye on them. Inmate locators will make it possible for you to gather all of the information you need about where they are, their arrest, bail, and what their visitation schedule is going to be. Once you have confirmed the location of the county jail where they're incarcerated, you need to contact the jail and alert them to the situation including treatment plans, medications and, and the names of any healthcare providers that can be contacted to procure copies of medical records. The sooner everyone knows about the inmates mental issues, the sooner they can take the steps to make sure that everyone is safe.

Another way to support an inmate is simply by staying in touch. If you find it stressful to write a letter and mail it by hand, you can email an inmate from the web or your smartphone.

Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert

Source: http://newsandsociety-crimenews.blogspot.com/2012/07/keeping-inmates-and-mentally-ill-safe.html

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Source: http://nonvoting-denebola.blogspot.com/2012/07/news-and-society-crime-news-blog.html

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Source: http://nelsonflores749.typepad.com/blog/2012/07/nonvoting-denebola-news-and-society-crime-news-blog-keeping.html

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Info on Muscle mass & Health and fitness

This article has been viewed 3 times.

Being fit is centered on eating healthy and regular exercise and sustaining the correct life style. Health and fitness doesn?t mean it is important to look slim or small but be healthier and active from within. Rest muscle mass look has been extremely popular. The body is firm and shaped so you look healthier and vigorous.

Diet always won?t lead to health and fitness and individuals have to fully understand that. Physical training is focused on being sure of yourself and be vigorous to carry out of your pursuits conveniently. You have to adhere to a balanced diet and assume eating healthily patterns. Food product goods which often have increased fat content should not be done. One has to ensure that they enjoy the adequate quantity of energy encouraged to participate in the pursuits and not just take more often expected which ends up in compettitive excess weight in the entire body. First work out of your day after day gram calorie intake aslo include foods in your daily eating regimen in proper quantity ensuring it gives you with the fat count. You ought to pick an eating regimen as per your old need like no mattter whether you want thin muscles or shape bulky muscle mass or wish to flat belly. For increase muscle tissues you?d need to involve an eating regimen rich in protein and carbohydrates. Incorporate food models like lean white meat, eggs, angles, fruits and veggies, cereal products, grains and also other high fiber merchandise. Include materials which often have low glycemic index like green spinach, cabbage, oats, barley, cellulose, etc. Low glycemic level accessories assist to lose and manipulate bodyweight and help to have better control over diabetes. Meat together with other meat products steeped in fat ought to eluded simply because they set off compettitive excess weight in the whole entire body.

Take adequate food items for the day and not overdo. A healthy morning meals (breakfast) should be satisfactory and includes items packed with carbohydrates to make sure that you understand your old expected calories to begin with the time. Your diet need to have all the adequate minerals and vitamins needed by your body day after day. Dinner ought to adequate but is not bulky. Feast are necessary to take easy due to the reason that the body rests at nighttime and also you never need unhealthy calories then. Late morning and afternoon delight ought to be strong and drop your intake of tea, espresso and aerated drinks.

Work outs must be an option in order to stay healthy and fit mainly because they help to shed your old unhealthy calories as well as provide someone capability. Your body is toned and stays fanatic, you?ll be able to attack persistent diseases like heart dilemma, diabetes, increased cholesterol, lazy disorders, tension, etc., you gain more strength, your regular levelof immunity is strengthened, you shed pounds, reap energy and muscle mass and overall have a good style in the direction of life. These are the avantages of workout.

Start your old day with some more day-to-day exercise routines who can provide you with a boost to continue when using the morning simply. You then should select from type of exercises like swimming, mountain biking, performing, aerobic exercise, dancing, fast going for walks, jogging or routines. If you want to shape muscles then it?s possible to cost exercise weight training, weight raising or a workout program programs relating to a workout excellent instructor in the whole program. It is advisable that folks should do some kind of day-to-day exercise routines when they act upon middle time. Workout routines assist in keeping our bodies healthy and assist to combat many old age sicknesses.

The author likes writing about various topics. Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online and Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online to know more.

Source: http://www.article-i.com/women-only/female-health-issues/info-on-muscle-mass-health-and-fitness/

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alexis, Jim Bellino Threaten Legal Action Against Tamra Barney ...

Bellinos vs. Barney!

Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County and her husband Jim Bellino issued a joint statement Monday regarding recent remarks fellow Bravo star Tamra Barney made against them.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County is a reality show that is meant to entertain and engage audiences with the lives of its cast members. We recognize that the personalities, drama and conflict of the show attract fans to the popular Bravo reality series," the couple says in a statement to Us Weekly. "Unfortunately, some cast members use the show as a platform for personal attacks and character assassination, perhaps out of personal insecurity or simply to inflict pain. To the extent possible, we try to ignore this behavior."

PHOTOS: Biggest Housewives fights ever

"Recently, however, that has become all but impossible," they continued. "The escalation of Tamra Barney's attacks has reached the level that we have been advised to take legal action. To be clear, Tamra's most recent statements are completely false. While her motivation may be to elevate herself by hurting others, the law does provide boundaries outside of which even she may be held liable. This vicious and malicious attack on our family will no longer be tolerated. We have continually tried to take the high road, however, if necessary, we are prepared to defend ourselves against these unfounded, slanderous and defamatory remarks to the fullest extent of the law."

The joint statement comes after Barney defended calling Alexis "Jesus Jugs" during the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special.

Barney, 44, recently shared her reaction with Rumor Fix about a blog Alexis wrote addressing comments Barney made in the reunion special, during which she called her "Jesus Jugs."

VIDEO: Alexis gets a nose job

"Unlike Alexis, I don't need to hide behind the Jesus curtain and I don't feel the need to preach," says Tamra. "When someone is constantly preaching about something they are lying! Alexis and Jim are faux Christians, like her ring. Does she think Jesus would be proud of her for judging me as a Christian, and the crosses in my house? Jim Bellino used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs after church when they were dating!"

In her recent Bravo blog, Alexis explained why she found the comment so offensive. "Jesus Jugs doesn't just cross the line, it catapults over it. That comment has offended Christians everywhere," she wrote. "How does she decorate her home in crosses yet make a remark like that without an ounce of guilt? Then she is promoting Jesus Jugs wine glasses her Facebook page? So now it's blasphemy along with defaming Jesus and monetizing on what He sacrificed for us."

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/alexis-jim-bellino-threaten-legal-action-against-tamra-barney-2012237

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Dashlane Releases iOS App To Avoid Tedious Form-Filling On Purchases

dashlane-logoDashlane enables consumers to login, fill out forms and checkout of a purchase faster, removing the need for repeating the process across sites. Its personal data assistant aims to speed up access to websites through password-saving and online form-filling features. But this is not not a password manager: it has instant logins and support for automatic checkout on e-commerce sites. Dashlane raised a $5 million Series A back in September last year.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/xmvJtB9lhAs/

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